Supercombinata feminina: Conferinta de presa de dupa decernarea medaliilor

February 6, 2009 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Povestiri despre Schi | Leave a comment

Kathrin – gold medal:
Q:It has been a big fight for everybody today, in the slalom slope but you’ve already achieve the great downhill. Tell us about your emotions, your surprise maybe to win this gold medal in the Super-Combined.
A:I’m really surprised about that gold medal because Lindsey was just in front of us after the downhill and she is a good slalom skier too. She can do the good medal but she done a big mistake…
Q:How have you been motivating yourself for the downhill because it is not your discipline and you were skiing excellent today? I think you really wanted your gold medal?
A:Yes that’s true. Since 2 or 3 years I’m doing more downhill and more Super-G because in the future I want to go on the World Championships in those disciplines.
I think my first downhill was 4 years ago in the World Cup.
Q:Concerning your downhill, we were all impressed by your performance. Can you tell us your feelings because the slope seems to be very hard?
A: I’m not afraid. The downhill is really technical and hard to do. I have lots of respect.

Lara – silver medal:
Q:Congratulations for this extremely incredible performance. Downhill ok, but in the slalom you have been fighting like a lion to get this medal! Tell us about your fight.
A:I can ski downhill, and in the slalom I have to give everything and try everyting. At the start I was a little bit tired but I can win something.
Q:When was the last time you’ve trained, in slalom?
A:It was in St Moritz, when I did slalom for Super-Combined.
Q:Can you describe us the slalom? Because we know the downhill is really hard, but even more the slalom!
A:I love this kind of slope, you have to give everything. The slalom is designed for real slalom racers. Normally we have easy slaloms for Super-Combined but today it was different, it was really strange to ski but I love that !
It is my first year in World Cup, and I will wait the next year to intensify my participation in all disciplines.

Elisabeth – bronze medal:
Q:I guess it was quite crazy for you today, because you were third, and fourth, and third again…
A:Yes, it was really crazy. When I saw Lindsey (Vonn) been in leader position after her mistake, I thought “ok, I will be fourth today”. But I did my best and after, my coach came and told me “congratulations for your medal” and I said “no, I don’t think so”, and he said “yes, you won !”
Q:Your mother won a medal fifty years ago, during the Olympic Games, and I think she was really happy to see your races today ?
A:Yes of course! It was a long way for me to get a medal. I’m happy.


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