Ajutor pentru Ilka Stuhec

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Ilka Stuhec este o schioare de Cupa Mondiala din Slovenia care are nevoie de bani ca sa se opereze. Nu stiu cum s-a ajuns in situatia asta (un schior de Cupa Mondiala ar trebui sa fie super asigurat pe parte medicala, iata insa ca si la slovenii sunt situatii neplacute). Mai jos textul original, precum si contactul.

This group was made with goal to get support and raise money for knee operation for Ilka Štuhec. In Slovenia doctors couldn’t help her any more so she decided to go to Basel, Swiss. They found the reasons for all the increasing pain and suggested the operation so she could ski and race again.
Ilka’s knee was getting better after third operation but all the pain kept her away from giving her best in trainings and racings. Prognose from swiss doctors isn’t good. They sad even if she wouldn’t ski any more she would have big problems in next 10 years. But Ilka doesn’t want to and won’t give up just like this.
I hope that in this group we’ll find the people which will or allready are helping and supporting Ilka on her way to the top.


– with donations on special account
Športno društvo i-ski
Mladinska 41
2000 Maribor

opened at A bank in Maribor with number

IBAN SI56 0510 0801 2498 539
Reference 00 09910162

– with informing your friends and people, which you think could help.

The amount of funding is 18.500 EUR. Any surplus will be used for Ilka’s rehailitation and future trainings.


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